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Sound Mixer / Recordist

Telephone + 44 (0)1932 222704
Mobile + 44 (0)7860 753717
Fax + 44 (0)1932 241694
e-mail mixer@iansands.co.uk
IMDB entry

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  Ferry Stories. (C5)
Director: Steve Warr.
Law Women. (BBC) 16mm.
Producer: Tracy Cook.
An Inspector Calls. (2 of series of 6)(C4)
Director: Pat Holland.
The Maltese Double Cross. (C4) 16mm.
Director: Alan Francovitch.
Modern Times. The Fame Game. 16mm.
Director: Daniel Reed.
Sense & Sensibility, The making of. (BBC)
Producers: Colin Burroughs & Sandy Murray.
Tuesday Special. (Central)
Producer: Maggie Fogarty.
When Dinosaurs Ruled the World. (Disc)
Director: Tony Mitchell.
Animal Rescuers. (series of 6) (ITV)
Producer: Maggie Fogarty.
Cutting Edge. Cars, Caravans & Chaos. (C4)
Producer: Charles Thomson. 
  The Abbey Road Story. (ITV)
Director: Scotty Meade.
Vet School. (BBC)
Producer: Nick Shearman.
Dover. (ITV)
Producer: Bernie Bos.
Cutting Edge. The Glasshouse. (C4) 16mm.
Director: Charles Thomson.
Building a Better Bond. (ITV)
Director: Jim Sturgeon.
Childrens Hospital. (BBC)
Director: Tracy Cook.
The Day We Flew the Shuttle. (ITV)
Producer : Gary Mitchell.
Lakesiders. (BBC)
Producer: Guy Davies.
Superstore. (BBC)
Producer: Jill Nicholls.
Stolen Minds, Stolen Lives. 
Producers: Leslie Wiener & Peter Schnall.
  Orangeapeel. (MTV) 16mm.
Director: Paul Wilkinson.
SEGA (Europe).
Director: Ian Cassie.
Just for Me. (Nickelodeon) 16mm.
Director: Kathryn Dufty.
Vanessa Mae. 16mm.
  Human Splat. (Nickelodeon)
Director: Clare Price.
Ford Mondeo/What Car Magazine. 16mm.
Director: Jo Broadhead.
Protection Factor. (Nickelodeon) 16mm.
Director: Kathryn Dufty.
Daily Mirror.
Director: Ian Cassie. 
  The Piano Tuner. 35mm.
10' short. Cinema release. Second mixer.
Producer: Helen De Winter.
Cruise of the Gods
. (BBC)
90' comedy drama. All studio shooting.
Director: Declan Lowney.
BP Premier Points.
25' training film for BP.
Director: Nick McAlpine.
Operation Coathanger.
60' drama-reconstruction.
Producer: Trevor Hill.
Night and Day. (ITV)
7 x 30' episodes.
Producer: Chris Le Grys.
  Suicidal Dog. 35mm. (BBC)
10' short. Second mixer. TV and cinema release.
Director: Paul Merton.
6 x 30' sit com. All exterior filming.
Director: Ben Kellett.
20 Steps. (BBC Education)
20 x 30' episodic series.
Director: Marc Wright.
30' dramatised training film for Longmans.
Producer: Emi Hongu.
In Search of Lullabelle.
12' short for cinema release.
Producers: Tanja Ludyga & Gemma Page.
  Factual / Entertainment / Current Affairs/Education  
  Agenda. (C4) 16mm.
Director: Helen Richards.
The Net. (series 1 & 2) (BBC)
Director: Terry Braun.
Antiques Roadshow. (BBC)
Director: Stephen Potter.
Secret Service. (series 2) (BBC)
Producer: Stephen Arkell.
Correspondent. Haiti - The Future. (BBC)
Director: Bill Lyons.
Antiques Inspectors. (7 of series of 8) (BBC)
Producer: Stephen Potter.
Dispatches. A Tax too Far. (C4)
Director: Andy Stevenson.
Black Bag Special. (C4)
Director: Charles Thomson.
Dispatches. The Privateers. (C4)
Director: Sarah Hargreaves.
Pulling Power. (Carlton/Central)
Director: Alan Sherwin.
Gardeners World. (BBC)
Director: Patty Kraus.
Diana Her Life. (ITV)
Director: Andy Stevenson. 
  Teaching Today. (BBC)
Producer: Julian Marshall.
The Money Programme. (BBC)
Producer: Sarah Topalian.
Child Development. (BBC)
Producer: Sara Fielden.
Watchdog. (BBC)
Producer: Helen O'Rahilly
Correspondent. Beirut. (BBC)
Director: Bill Lyons.
Dispatches. Inside Majors Number 10. (C4)
Director: John Bridcut.
Careering Ahead. (BBC)
Producer: Joe Walker.
Dispatches. The batches in question. (C4)
Director: Tim Pritchard.
The Holiday Programme. (BBC)
Tomorrows World. (BBC)
Producer: Bronwen Ley.
Computers Don't Bite. (BBC)
Producer: Andrew Chitty.
Our House. (Carlton)
Directors: various.
  Corporate Clients  
  Kimberley Clark
Royal Bank of Canada.
British Telecommunications.
British Petroleum.
J Sainsbury.
British Gas.
British Airways.
Standard Life. 
  Halifax Building Society.
Barclays Bank.
Nationwide Building Society.
Welcome Foundation.
Automobile Association.
Britannia Building Society.
Reckitt & Colman. 

Countries worked in:
Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bermuda, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Haiti, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Qatar, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates,
United States of America.

2 British passports, USA I (working) visa, full driving licence including HGV Class I.

Member of:
Association of Motion Picture Sound, Institute of Professional Sound, BECTU.

BAFTA for Best Sound ~ Feature Film "The Gospel of Us" ~ 2013.

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