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Sound Mixer / Recordist

Telephone + 44 (0)1932 222704
Mobile + 44 (0)7860 753717
Fax + 44 (0)1932 241694
e-mail mixer@iansands.co.uk

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Owned equipment includes:

Zaxcom DEVA V 10 track hard disk recorder c/w DVD burner for delivery of recorded files.
HHB Portadat 1000TC DAT recorder, with high stability timecode modification for ALL timecode formats.
Ambient 'Clockit' boxes for supplying very accurate timecode to video cameras and/or slates.

Nagra IV-S, with 'David Lane' 3rd channel i/p modification.
Nagra SN, full track mini recorder.
Directors monitoring system by Lectrosonics.
Silent turn-over (blooper) box with illuminated slate numbers.
SQN 4-S series IV 4 > 2 stereo location mixer with full A/B + M/S monitoring & outputs.
SQN 4-S series III 4 > 2 stereo location mixer with A/B + M/S monitoring & outputs.
Audio Developments AD146 8 > 4 location mixer.
Audio Developments AD126 3 > 1 location mixer. 
Shure FP mic amplifier.
Hard disc based timecode playback system.
Mono & Stereo mic kits.
Microphones from Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sony, Electrovoice, Sanken, AKG, Tram & Countryman.
3 walkie-talkies on European harmonised radio frequencies.
Water resistant 2 way comms.
4 diversity radio mic systems & rack.
2 non-diversity radio mic systems.
2 non-diversity radio links from mixer to camera. (very reliable)
RF distribution amplifier & dipoles.
4 x Wide band radio receivers.
Headphone monitors.
Earpiece feeds for talent.
Powered audio monitors.
Sony TCD-D7 DAT recorder for back-up & covert recording.
Stereo Pro Walkman.
3 x MiniDisk recorders for playback & covert recording.
Time-code radio link & reader.
Telephone recording aparatus.
Multi output audio distribution amplifiers.
Custom built URSTA cart trolley.
0.9KVA quiet generator for location.
Stands, miles! of cable, etc.

Lots & lots & lots of other bits & pieces. Please call and ask.

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