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Sound Mixer / Recordist

Telephone + 44 (0)1932 222704
Mobile + 44 (0)7860 753717
Fax + 44 (0)1932 241694
e-mail mixer@iansands.co.uk

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360 Systems Digital audio replay at the push of a button.

new A1 Vox. London based sound studios & voice-overs.
Aaton. Camera manufacturer with technical info.
Aaton Cantar. Portable hard disk recorder with mixer.
Absolute Audio. Studio acoustic design, etc.
Adam Hall. Flight-case hardware, cables, stands, etc.
AKAI. Pro audio equipment.
AKG. Microphones, headphones & wireless systems.
Alesis. HD recorder.
Allen & Heath. Mixer manufacturers.
Alice. Broadcast mixer manufacturer, and other audio solutions.
Aluminium Case Company. Flight case manufacturer.
Altair Audio. Wired comms systems.
Altec Lansing Corp. Microphones, amps, speakers etc.
Ambient. Timecode equipment ~ generators, slates, etc. Booms, mics, etc.
Amek. Mixer manufacturer.
Amphenol. Audio connectors.
AMPS. Association of Motion Picture Sound.
Aphex Systems. Signal processor manufacturer, with list of patents.
Apogee. Digital conversion equipment.
Arbiter Group UK supplier of AKG microphones, spares and other audio equipment.
APRS. Association of Professional Recording Services.
APTX. Audio processing for digital links. ISDN, etc.
ARRI. Camera and lighting equipment manufacturer.
ART. Applied Research Technology. ART signal processors.
Aspen. Digital audio service centre for Adat, Dtrs & Yamaha mixers.
Audio Developments Ltd. Mixers.
Audio Engineering. Micron radio mic manufacturer, with wiring pin numbers.
Audio Engineering Society.
Audio Limited. Radio mic manufacturer.
Audio Media. Pro-audio magazine.
Audio Precision. Test equipment.
Audio Systems Components. Manufacturer and distributor.
Audio Toyshop. New and used equipment.
Audionics. Switchers, remote system audio monitoring and other bits.
Audio-Technica. Microphones.
Aurus. Digital audio mixing system.
AVD design & construction. Building service for recording & broadcast.
Axis Audio Systems Ltd. New and used equipment.
Axxent. Audio intercom systems.

BB Equipment List. Used equipment (audio, video, film, grip, etc.......) brokerage service (lots & lots).
Beachtek. Manufacturer of boxes to interface domsetic video gear to professional recordists.
Behringer. Mixing desks.
Belden. Cable manufacturer. Digital, video, audio.
new Bettersound. Sound equipment rental, sales & servicing.
Beyer Dynamic.
Microphones and headphones.
BFI. British Film Insitute.
BFC. British Film Commision.
BKSTS. Broadcast & Cinema Audio and Visual society.
Bob Kelly Used live sound equipment.
Bose Corporation. Bose speaker manufacturer.
Broadcast Net. Lots of links to manufacturers and radio bits & pieces.
BSS Audio. Outboard live and studio equipment.

Calrec. Mixer manufacturer.
Canare. Cable manufacturer.
Canford. UK pro-audio manufacturer and distributer.
CCS Europe. Audio codecs, ISDN equipment, etc.
C-Ducer. Contact microphone manufacturer.
Cinema Audio Society. Association of sound mixers from American film and TV.
Cliff Electronic Components. Connectors.
Clyde Broadcast. Systems integrator, design and installation of radio station equipment.
Coffey Sound. Los Angeles based sound facility company and sales.
Composite Video. Audio & video equipment supplier.
Comrex. Audio codecs.
Comtek. Radio mic and radio link manufacturer.
Concert Systems. PA hire, sales and service.
Conex Electro Systems. Audio equipment, inc. Af generators and noisy bits.
Coopersound. Location mixer manufacturer.
CPC. Electronic & electrical component & equipment supplier.
Crest Audio. Mixers, speakers, amps.
Crown. Amplifiers.
Crown International. Microphones.
Crystal Pro Audio. New and used audio equipment.

Dalet. Digital audio networks for radio.
Danish Pro Audio. Microphones.
Denecke. Timecode bits and pieces for location shooting.
Digidesign. ProTools editing/DSP software.
Digigram Europe. Networking for audio and remote management.
Digital Audio Denmark. A/D, D/A outboard converters.
Digital Village. Equipment supplier.
DK-AUDIO. Audio monitoring (visual display).
Dolby. Say it quietly! Noise and audio data reduction.
DPA. Microphones.
new Dragon Cases. Custom & off-the-shelf flight cases. 
Drake. Communications equipment.
Dreamhire. Pro audio rental.
D & R. Mixing consoles.

Earplug. Monitor box, cable tester, comms box, etc.
EAW. Loudspeakers.
EBU. European Broadcasting Union.
EELA Audio. Mixing desk manufacturer.
Electrovoice. Microphones.
EMU. Digital bits n pieces, including a 16 bit PCMCIA sound card.
Euphonix. Mixing desk manufacturer.
Eventide. Outboard processing equipment.

Fairlight. Console manufacturer.
Federal Communications Commision. Radio and TV regulatory authority.
Filmtech TV & Film Equipment. Welsh mixer manufacturer, with lots of other bits.
First Sense. Manufacturer of Body Belt & distributer in UK of Ambient equipment.
Focalpress. Technical book publisher.
Focusrite. Studio consoles and outboard processing equipment.
Fostex. Digital recorder manufacturer.
Funky Junk Ltd. Used pro audio equipment sales.
FX Rentals. Audio equipment rental.

Garwood. THE in-ear monitoring system.
Gearbox. Audio & video equipment hire. 24 hours!!.
Gearhouse Broadcast. Broadcast equipment rental.
Genelec. Loudspeaker manufacturer.

Hand Held Audio Ltd. Radio mic hire, audio equipment hire, P.A.
Harbeth. Manufacturer of speakers for BBC and others.
Harman International. Group site. AKG, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, Studer & others.
Harrison. Mixing console manufacturer.
Hawk-Woods. Batteries, chargers and power accessory manufacturer.
HHB. What can I say? All things analogue and digital for your ears.
Hiltongrove Ltd. CD pressing, including one offs.
Hilton Sound Plc. Equipment rental, sales and more.
new Hirose. Connector manufacturer.

IAC. Industrial Acoustics.Radio studios, TV studios, VO booths, A/C.
IBC. Broadcast exhibition in Amsterdam.
IBS. Institute of Broadcast Sound.
Innovason. Digital mixing for FOH, theatre and broadcast.
Intraplex. Audio multiplexerx for distribution, STLs, etc.
ITC.UK Independent Television Commision.

JBL. Speaker manufacturer.
JFMG. Joint frequency management group for UK rf co-ordination.
JK Audio. Telephone interfaces, etc.

Klark Teknik. Signal processing equipment.
Klotz. Cable manufacturer, audio interface systems.
Klotz Digital. Digital mixing consoles.
Knowledge. The Knowledge production directory.
KW Electronics. Manufacturer ISDN codecs.

LA Audio. Signal processors for live audio.
LAWO. Digital broadcast consoles.
Lectrosonics. Radio mic systems & processing equipment.
Lindos Electronics. Manufacturer of audio test equipment.
Liquid Audio. Software, for CD quality on the Internet.
LMC Audio Systems. New and used pro audio equipment sales.
Location Sound Corporation. Sales & service of pro audio equipment, with a very informative catalogue.
Loughborough Sound Images Ltd. Digital signal processing design.
new LTF. Supplier of discount new and used audio equipment.

Mackie. Mixer manufacturer. Analogue and digital.
Maplin. Electronic & electrical component & equipment supplier.
Marantz. Recorder manufacturer.
Mark IV Audio. Holding company site. Well known equipment names. (under construction)
Marquee Audio. Audio sales, design, installation.
Martin Audio. Complete sound systems.
Mayah. Audio codecs and flash recorder.
Maycom. MPEG audio recorder.
MC2 Audio. Amplifiers.
Merging. Pyramix location multitrack HD recording.
Metro Audio. Comms systems. Radio and cabled.
Meyer Sound. Loudspeaker manufacturer.
Microtech Gefell. Microphones.
Mosses & Mitchell. Patchbays, cords, etc.
Munro Associates. Studio design and consultancy.

Nagra. Not just a tape machine. THE tape machine.
National Association of Broadcasters.
Neato. Cd labeling software and hardware.
Neumann. Microphone product & technical info.
Neve. Big, juicy, expensive desks.
NTL. UK wide television and radio transmission services.
NuComm Inc. Hand held audio/video test generator.

OpAmp Labs Inc. Splitters, line amps, mic amps, balancing amps, amps, amps, amps.
Optical Drive Repair. Optical & tape drive repair and data recovery.
Otari. Tape machines and audio mixing consoles.
Outboard Electronics. Console automation.
Outline. Amplifier manufacturer.

PACT. Producers Alliance for Cinema & Television. (UK)
PAG. Batteries, chargers and power accessory manufacturer.
P&R Audio Technology. Audio / Visual equipment manufacturer and supplier.
Pearl. Microphones.
Peavey. Amplifiers & switching matrix(s). ALSO good .WAV download site for fx.
Pelican. Waterproof case & torch manufacturer.
new Pentonville Rubber. Rubber & foam suppliers to film & television.
Pro Sound News Europe. Pro audio magazine.

QSC Audio. Amplifier manufacturer.

Rane. Amps, EQ, FX, etc.
Ravencourt. Manufacturer of audio cart, portable power supplies and BetaBox.
Raycom. Supplier, installer and manufacturer of communications equipment.
Real Audio. Audio on the Net!
Repeat Performance Multimedia. One off CDs, HD mastering, cassette copies, etc.
Resolution. Pro audio magazine.
RS. Electronic & electrical component & equipment supplier.
Rubber Box Co. Power distribution.
Rycote. THE microphone windshield manufacturer.

Sadie. Manufacturer of non-linear audio editing.
new S.A.M.Cases. Supplier & manufacturer of flight cases and equipment protection.
Sascom. Distributor of pro audio equipment.
SBES Sound Broadcasting Equipment Show organised by Point Promitions.
SCV. Distributor for Fostex and others.
Sennheiser. Radio mics, microphones, etc. (UK site)
Sennheiser. Radio mics, microphones, etc. (US site)
Schertler. Moving coil contact micrpohones.
Schoeps. Microphone manufacturer.
Shermann. Compact PA systems.
Shure. Microphone manufacturer. (US site)
Shure. Microphone manufacturer. (UK site)
Skillset. UK training organisation for film and television.
SM Acoustics. Studio design and build.
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.
Society of Broadcast Engineers.
Solid State Logic. Console manufacturer.
Sonic Solutions. Digital audio processing.
Sonifex. Digital recorders for radio.
Sonosax. Manufacturer of Stelladat. (US site)
Sony Broadcast.
Sony Pro Audio. All of their analogue & digital bits.
Soundcraft. Manufacturers of mixing desks.
Soundfield. Manufacturers of the patented four capsule microphone system.
Sound Devices. Portable mixers, A/D converters, etc.
Sound Forge. Audio restoration software for PC.
Sounds Inc. Used pro audio equipment sales.
Sound on Sound. Pro-sumer audio magazine with clearly written technical articles.
Sound Technology. Distributors of Audiowerk 8 track recorder for PC.
Soundtracs. Spendor speakers and mixing consoles.
Sowter Transformers. Audio transformers for everything! & custom ones too!
Spectral. Digital audio workstation software.
Spider Engineering. New and used flightcases, for sale and rental.
SPL. Sound Performance Lab equalisers.
SQN. SQN Ltd., portable audio mixer manufacturer.
Stage Accompany. Speaker manufacturer, with ribbon drivers!
Stevens & Billington. Audio frequency transformer manufacturer.
Stirling Audio. Pro audio equipment supplier.
Stonewood Audio. Communications equipment supplier.
Studer. Not only a tape machine manufacturer, analogue and digital mixers too.
Studiomaster. Mixing consoles.
Studiospares. Pro audio equipment dealer.
Studio Wizard. Studio design, build and maintenance.
Summertone. Magnetic tape heads supplied and refurbished.
Superfast Labels. Self adhesive computer and CD labels.
Swithcraft. Connectors.
Syntrillium. Suppliers/writers of Cool Edit (2000 & Pro)

Tannoy. Speaker manufacturer.
Tascam. Audio recorders, speakers, mixers, etc.
t.c. electronics. Digital processing equipment.
TDK. Recording media manufacturer.
Tech Mate. Dealers for audio software and hardware.
TL Audio. Used pro audio equipment.
Total Audio Solutions. Sony distributer.
Trantec. Radio mic systems.
Turbosound. Speakers & other LOUD things.
Turnkey. Software, hardware, etc. Audio technology superstore.

Unity Audio. Specialists in plug-ins for digital audio systems.
Used Flightcase Co.

new Voicebookers. Voice talent agency.
new Vortex Communications. Manufacture and supply of audio and video equipment.

Wadsworth. Sales of XLRs, other connectors & cables. London, Bristol, Birmingham & Cumbernauld.
Waterproof Box Company. UK supplier of Peli products & LowePro equipment.
Weiss Engineering.
Wolf Seeberg Video. Manufacture and sales of 'unique' accessories for location video production.
Wood & Douglas. RF talkback systems.
WOW. Web design and hosting for media companies.

XTA Electronics. Digital Signal Processing equipment and systems.

Yamaha. Mixers, instruments, lots! Links to other country sites.

Zaxcom. Manufacturer of DEVA, hard disk location recorder.
Z-SYS. Digital interfaces. (US)

new Digital Recorders  PDF table comparing published facilites for digital recorders.

new Electronics Assistant.  Home page to find download link for Electronics Assistant ~ a small programme designed to perform basic electronics-related calculations. It includes a resistor colour code calculator, resistor/capacitor/potential divider calculator and LED resistor calculator, amongst others.

new Stereo Mic Angles.  Two programmes from Soundfield to demonstrate the visual representation of polar responses (Windows only).

new Open Letter From Your Sound Dept Open letter from American production sound mixers to producers and other colleagues.
 View or download the letter in PDF format. (30Kb)
Open Letter PDF.

DigiStor.zip DigiStor. Zipped program (1.1MB) to calculate storage needed for digital audio files. Includes the installation program and a README file.

DTIusrgd.zip Zipped .PDF format file (595Kb) 15 page summary of 'The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act' 1998. 

Digimics.ZIP Zipped .DOC format file (460Kb) Radiocommunications Agency document on investigation of digital techniques for radio microphones. 

What your crew expects  Added with the permission of the author, Fred Ginsberg, C.A.S Ph.D. Fred has more sound associated documents on his website at http://www.equipmentemporium.com/

More to be added in the future.

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